There’s still potential for new SQL dialects

A recent feature request reminded me, that there is still a lot of potential for new SQL dialects supported by jOOQ. User Philippe is considering jOOQ for various projects in his organisation, and one dialect he’s missing is that of Sybase‘s Adaptive Server Enterprise. Sybase is one of the older databases, that is still widely used, especially in the health industry sector. Its history started in the mid-80’s where it was at some point forked into Microsoft’s SQL Server. This is well reflected in jOOQ, where you can see that many dialect-specific behaviour patterns are the same for Sybase SQL Anywhere and SQL Server. Some common heritage from the “Ingres dinosaur” can also be seen.

jOOQ’s Sybase support is currently limited to SQL Anywhere, but there’s no reason not to support Sybase ASE as well! I’m looking forward to contributions from Philippe. Note, there are also other dialects that are worth considering for support by jOOQ:

See a nice chart about RDBMS history here:

See the discussion with Philippe here:

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