JDBC batch operations with jOOQ

So this was requested again, by another jOOQ user – support for an ancient JDBC feature – java.sql.Statement.addBatch(); With JDBC, you can easily execute several statements at once using the addBatch() method. Essentially, there are two modes in JDBC

  1. Execute several queries without bind values
  2. Execute one query several times with bind values

With code, this looks like the following snippet:

// 1. several queries
// ------------------
Statement stmt = connection.createStatement();
stmt.addBatch("INSERT INTO author VALUES (1, 'Erich Gamma')");
stmt.addBatch("INSERT INTO author VALUES (2, 'Richard Helm')");
stmt.addBatch("INSERT INTO author VALUES (3, 'Ralph Johnson')");
stmt.addBatch("INSERT INTO author VALUES (4, 'John Vlissides')");
int[] result = stmt.executeBatch();

// 2. a single query
// -----------------
PreparedStatement stmt = connection.prepareStatement(
  "INSERT INTO autho VALUES (?, ?)");
stmt.setInt(1, 1);
stmt.setString(2, "Erich Gamma");

stmt.setInt(1, 2);
stmt.setString(2, "Richard Helm");

stmt.setInt(1, 3);
stmt.setString(2, "Ralph Johnson");

stmt.setInt(1, 4);
stmt.setString(2, "John Vlissides");

int[] result = stmt.executeBatch();

This will also be supported by jOOQ

The upcoming version 1.6.9 of jOOQ will support executing queries in batch mode as follows:

// 1. several queries
// ------------------
    create.insertInto(AUTHOR, ID, NAME).values(1, "Erich Gamma"),
    create.insertInto(AUTHOR, ID, NAME).values(2, "Richard Helm"),
    create.insertInto(AUTHOR, ID, NAME).values(3, "Ralph Johnson"),
    create.insertInto(AUTHOR, ID, NAME).values(4, "John Vlissides"))

// 2. a single query
// -----------------
create.batch(create.insertInto(AUTHOR, ID, NAME).values("?", "?"))
      .bind(1, "Erich Gamma")
      .bind(2, "Richard Helm")
      .bind(3, "Ralph Johnson")
      .bind(4, "John Vlissides")

5 thoughts on “JDBC batch operations with jOOQ

    1. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing. Generally, it can be said that batching is never worse, but mostly better. I’m not sure if this is a JDBC driver problem, or if the “bad” databases just don’t support batch in their protocols…

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