How to Generate Date Ranges in Oracle SQL

I’ve just come across an interesting SQL question here on CodeRanch. How to generate date ranges in SQL, given any input date. The question didn’t specify the SQL dialect, so let’s choose Oracle SQL, which features the awesome CONNECT BY clause. The requirements specify that given any input date:

  • Date ranges span 12 months
  • The first date range starts at the input date
  • The last date range includes today
  • Subsequent date ranges repeat the same date

For example, using 2010-06-10 we would get:

2010-06-10   2011-06-10
2011-06-10   2012-06-10
2012-06-10   2013-06-10
2013-06-10   2014-06-10 <-- This includes today, 2013-07-24

It’s actually very simple:

  add_months(input, (level - 1) * 12) start_date,
  add_months(input,  level      * 12) end_date
  -- Set the input date here
  SELECT DATE '2010-06-10' input
  add_months(input, (level - 1) * 12) < sysdate

See the SQL Fiddle here to see the above in action:!4/d41d8/14448

One thought on “How to Generate Date Ranges in Oracle SQL

  1. oracle 12c

    declare v_sDate date := '01-Jun-2016';
    v_eDate date := v_sDate + 100000;
    c sys_refcursor;
    open c for '
    with tx (dt) as (
    select :1 from dual
    union all
    select dt+1 from tx
    where dt+1 <= :2
    select * from tx' using v_sDate,v_eDate;

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