What Will be Oracle’s Next Big Acquisition?

Now THIS is an interesting Quora question. Citing:

What will be the next big acquisition by Oracle?

What will be the next acquisition made by Oracle that could be compared (as a strategic decision, not necessarily  by value) to Oracle’s Sun Microsystems acquisition?

From my perspective, clearly, Oracle will buy jOOQ from Data Geekery GmbH, in order to finally closely integrate their two most valuable assets:

  • The Oracle Database
  • The JVM and Java

But maybe, they’ll just buy another airline ;-)

What is your bet? Comment below, or answer the question here:

2 thoughts on “What Will be Oracle’s Next Big Acquisition?

  1. Ha ha ha.. Very good point. You would not sell it, would you…

    A few years ago an old schoolmate told us that some US company wanted to buy his home brewed company he was developing and caring the last 20 years. He stated that there is no money that could buy that.

    A year later he told us that he actually had sold the company. He said: there was the money that could buy his 20 years of work.

    Sure, he, at the moment or from now on does not work for the money.

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