jOOQ Newsletter November 29, 2013

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New jOOQ Express Edition

We have been listening to you, our valuable customers, and will now start to offer a budget license for those wanting to leverage the free Oracle Express or SQL Server Express editions. Inspired by those powerful databases, we call this the jOOQ Express Edition.

This competitively priced license can be used by up to three workstations within the same legal entity, which makes it a perfect tool for Freelancers and small Startups where control over your budget is of the essence. Obviously, all of jOOQ’s supported Open Source databases can be used, too.

New Open Source Blog Category

Since we have been pursuing a dual-licensing model for jOOQ, we made lots of new acquaintances and experiences both in the entrepreneurial world in general, as well as in the Open Source world in particular. Dual-licensing software is a very adventurous endeavour with at least these stakeholders involved:

  • “Enterprise customers” who see our steps as steps forward towards even better quality and higher professionalism.
  • “Everyday customers” who regret losing the option of a free middleware product but who are willing to spend money on high quality software that helps them increase quality and developer effectiveness in their code.
  • “Idealistic customers” who prefer Open Source to be “Free”, as understood byRichard Stallman.

As you can see, every project has its set of stakeholders. This is also true for the jOOQ dual-licensing project. We try our best to provide all of our stakeholders an optimal product without losing our visions of making Open Source a viable business model.

An important part of being “open” is to share experience and vision, and we’re doing so on our blog. In the recent past, we have blogged quite a bit about Open Source, to an extent that we have now created a new category for that subject. Some of these articles may be more controversial:

Others will be simple but interesting experience reports. In that context, we’re reaching out to major Open Source players, such as Oracle, Red Hat and others. So, meet us soon on, because as RedHat puts it: “Open Source is changing the world!”

Upcoming Events

The schedule for the awesome Java2Days conference in Sofia is now published! The same is true for the great abstract of the JUG-BB event in Berlin. Here is an overview of other, upcoming events:

Stay informed about 2014 events on

SQL Zone – SQL Antipatterns

We’ve advertised excellent books on SQL before. This time we want to make you aware of SQL Antipatterns by Bill Karwin. Bill has a very refreshing style of writing. One can really feel the pain he must have been suffering when discovering the code madness he has seen in his work as a consultant. We can feel with him, as we have created Code That Made Me Cry. This book is an excellent read for architects who need new input about how to explain bad ideas to their team, much as it is an excellent read for SQL developers who want to learn one or two things about how not to do things.

We list these books on our website at

If you’ve written a book, a blog post or a tutorial about SQL and want us to review and/or advertise it, please contact us.

SQL Zone – Keyset Paging

We’ve written about the concept of keyset paging (also known as the “seek method”) before. Applying keyset paging is not so trivial, which is why the upcoming jOOQ 3.3’s native support for it will be even more awesome. One of our blog readers was eager to see more concrete examples for keyset paging, and we heard them. Read about how to pre-calculate all page boundaries for pages when applying keyset paging:

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