Usability vs. Reusability

This blog post I've found from 2009 has a nice way of looking at the problem of comparing the ease of use with the ability to reuse. It claims that usability and reusability is always a tradeoff between building a heavyweight, coarse-grained software component with few dependencies (very usable) a lightweight, fine-grained software component with … Continue reading Usability vs. Reusability

Strategy: Stop Using Linked-Lists

While using java.util.LinkedHashMap every now and then, when I feel that the insertion order is relevant to subsequent entrySet iterations, I do not recall having used a LinkedList any time, recently. Of course, I understand its purpose and since Java 6, I apreciate the notion of a Deque type. But the LinkedList implementation of the List type … Continue reading Strategy: Stop Using Linked-Lists

The true spirit of Open Source

As an open source developer, I'm often asking myself why the hell am I going through all of this pain in my free time to deliver quality software, when I'm already doing this in my office?? Sure, it's fun, you can try out new things, deepen your knowledge in a specific field, it helps boost … Continue reading The true spirit of Open Source

Must-have Eclipse plugin: AnyEdit Tools

On fresh Eclipse installations, I usually feel a bit naked, until I realise that this lovely little plugin is not part of Eclipse itself. It's called AnyEdit tools, and it features the following nice things: Convert Tabs <-> Spaces Convert: Chars <-> Html entities Convert: Camel <-> Underscores Convert: Capitalize Convert: Invert Case Convert: To Upper Case Convert: To … Continue reading Must-have Eclipse plugin: AnyEdit Tools

A very refreshing point of view about language design

Have fun:

A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages

Found a fun read on the net, recently ;-)