Annotatiomania™, or why did Hibernate/JPA get so complex?

I was curious about good answers to this question on Stack Overflow: And a good answer came up, pointing at this Hibernate documentation page: Is anyone out there actually willing to mess around with gazillions of annotations on simple methods? Who ever writes this stuff:

public class User {
   public String getLastname() { ...}

   public Set<Address> getAddresses() { ... }

public class Address {
   public String getStreet1() {...}

Do some developers despise SQL so much that they’re willing to put up with “annotatiomania”? Whatever happened with the good old

SELECT u.first_name, u.last_name, a.street1
FROM users u
JOIN addresses a ON a.user_id =

Guys. If a technology starts doing things like “@AttributeOverrides”, then something IS smelling fishy

3 thoughts on “Annotatiomania™, or why did Hibernate/JPA get so complex?

  1. It is hard to argue against this post, but people will. They will say that annotation-programming is very easy and straightforward. It is our fault that we cannot understand or cope with annotations. These people were probably happy with Struts1. Or maybe not and now they are euphoric with Struts2. Check this:

    Programmatic Configuration is the way to go. I have been fighting for this since 2005. Guice went that path. Spring has recently given up and started offering programmatic configuration as well. It is time for Hibernate4 with NO ANNOTATIONS and NO XML. But what is programmatic configuration? Some people don’t even know and think it is annotations. I must be insane to try to do something like this:

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