A Bit of SQL History

SQL has been around for a while. Just recently, I’ve read this refreshing article about Codd’s Relational Vision – Has NoSQL Come Full Circle? SQL is one of those awesome technologies that was invented almost two generations ago, and we’re still using it in production and for new projects. It is both legacy and state-of-the-art.

In the early 70s, Ingres (which still exists today) was built at the Berkely University of California. Parts of Ingres still go strong in today’s RDBMS market under the name of PostgreSQL, and many other databases. Michael Stonebraker has been involved with these early dinosaurs, and he’s currently promoting NewSQL storage, which isn’t listed in the above chart, unfortunately.

What’s also not listed, unfortunately, are all those various NoSQL storage systems, which will eventually merge in a greater timeline of DBMS, should they survive the upcoming second renaissance of Codd’s Vision. Love it or hate it, but SQL is a piece of software category that we will deal with for another generation of software engineers!

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