Architect-Senior Java Developer with jOOQ skills

A little bit of promotion… It’s always refreshing to see that every now and then, jOOQ skills pop up as a plus / requirement on a job profile, such as this one here:

– More than 10 years JAVA experience
– Be a proactive thinker with ability to identify problems and find creative solutions
– HTML, AJAX, JOOQ, JSON, Oracle and SQL server.
– Aptitude to get up to speed with new product architectures

This time, jOOQ is a required skill for a potential “architect senior”. Sounds nice! :-)

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2 thoughts on “Architect-Senior Java Developer with jOOQ skills

  1. Ditto, I have the same feeling. Recently I was looking for a developer to hire, and was floored to find one that has experience with ActiveJDBC and ActiveWeb! He was hired, of course:)

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