Cloud Fever now also at Sybase

After SQL Server (SQL Azure) and MySQL (Google Cloud SQL), there is now also a SQL Anywhere database available in the cloud:

It’s called Sybase SQL Anywhere OnDemand or code name Fuji. I guess the connotation is that your data might as well be relocated to Fuji. Or your DBA might as well work from Fuji. Who knows ;-)

I don’t know where to start adding integration tests for jOOQ with all those cloud-based SQL solutions. Anyway, exciting times are coming!

2 thoughts on “Cloud Fever now also at Sybase

  1. everyone wants to be in the cloud SQL business. However, I noticed that SAP’s Fuji is not exactly a true cloud based solution. It is a on-premise system, that can cloud burst into Amazon EC2. Interesting concept, and one that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Most of the others SQL services are exclusively cloud based (e.g. Google Cloud SQL) or hosted off-premise (e.g. Oracle).

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