Do You View Database Applications as Military Campaigns?

Military Campaigns?? Haha. Let’s meet Capt. DBA, mastering Sun Tsu’s Art of SQL:

Citing from the book cover:

Do you view database applications as military campaigns?

Do you see data as row upon row upon row of enemy columns to be winnowed down and slashed away? [sic!]

SQL veteran Stéphane Faroult does.

This is a book about SQL, doing marketing by comparing SQL to war. Well, others might claim that SQL is fun and writing SQL with jOOQ is even more fun. So, after Sun Tsu’s Art of SQL, and after the Vietnam of Computer Science, meet now jOOQ: the Peace Treaty between SQL and Java.

5 thoughts on “Do You View Database Applications as Military Campaigns?

  1. “Keep your colleagues close and your clients closer…”

    I have to say, looking at the book preview, the “Art of War” conceit looks mostly like a clever gimmick. Despite that though, it looks like it contains a lot of good advice of the sort that is much needed these days.

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