jOOQ Newsletter: March 12, 2014

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Our customers, users, and followers are sharing their love for jOOQ to the world. Here are: Dominik Dorn who finds jOOQ awesome. As simple as that!
Mariusz Nosiński who cannot believe he hasn’t discovered jOOQ before.
Thanks for the shouts, guys!

jOOQ and Scala

In our last newsletter, we’ve given you a brief outlook about the new features we’re planning on integrating into jOOQ 3.4. But the jOOQ labs are also working hard on a more long-term roadmap. One important item on that roadmap is our Scala integration. Already today, jOOQ and Scala can be integrated effortlessly thanks to Scala’s various language features. Writing jOOQ-SQL in Scala isn’t far away from “the real thing”. Would you have guessed that the following is actual jOOQ code?

select (
  BOOK.TITLE || " abc" || " xy"
from BOOK
leftOuterJoin (
  select (x.ID, x.YEAR_OF_BIRTH)
  from x
  limit 1
where (BOOK.ID <> 2)
and (BOOK.TITLE in ("O Alquimista", "Brida"))

Together with the very active Vienna Scala User Group, we’re going to challenge this integration in April, to gather new ideas for an exciting future! Scala currently doesn’t have any appropriate SQL framework that fully embraces SQL as a first-class language. We’re going to be there to fill this gap in 2014. If you’re in Vienna on April 7, be sure not to miss out on this event!

Community zone

jOOQ is not only about jOOQ-the-product™. jOOQ is a whole experience for Java and SQL developers. As a frequent reader of this newsletter, you are already part of this experience. An early adopter of what will continue to evolve into a great technology in the near future. Proof can be seen in a comparison we got from MailChimp, between the jOOQ newsletter and the industry average for such newsletters. These numbers are from the February 26 mailing:
As a reader of our newsletter, you are among the most active and most interested peers of our industry. It makes us proud to have you on board as our readers, customers, followers. But let us reach even more like-minded people! Do you have ideas? Contributions? Blog posts that you want to share? Drop us an E-Mail. Join the community. Share the experience with your friends and co-workers. Together, we’ll make the Java and SQL experience awesome!

Java Zone – how to write SQL in Java 8

Java 8 is a game changer for everyone in our industry. Many other platforms have known lambda expressions and functional programming for a long time. Finally, we Java folks can join the fun they have been having with their languages. We’ve recently published an overview of a variety of ways to interact with plain SQL from Java using JDBC, using jOOλ (also jOOL, jOO-Lambda, our latest Open Source product to improve the Java 8 lambda expression experience), using jOOQ, using Spring JDBC, and using Apache DbUtils. You can find this overview, which is part of our Java 8 Friday blog series here: But Java 8 is not only about lambda expressions, of course. A very comprehensive list of resources can be found in this excellent assembly:

Upcoming Events

Have you missed any of our previous jOOQ talks? Soon you’ll get another chance to hear us talk about jOOQ or SQL in general in any of these upcoming events: We’re also happy to present jOOQ at in-house events and conferences this month
  • March 25, 2014: SBB, Swiss Federal Railways (German, about jOOQ)
  • March 29, 2014: Trivadis TechEvent (English, about jOOQ)
Do you work for any of the above companies? Don’t miss our talk! Do you work for an other company and would like to host such a talk at your venue? Contact us! Stay informed about 2014 events on

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