“Stop Hating Java” – A Funny Post by Igor Polevoy

I just discovered a funny post about Java / Ruby by Igor Polevoy (the creator of ActiveJDBC, a product similar to jOOQ with a slightly different focus). Some extract:

It is interesting to see that Ruby developers […] seem to have all drank several cool-aids: Ruby/Rails/Apple MBPs/iPhones/TextMate. They are “green”, look to be “democratic”, wear sloppy clothes, and are “laid back”. They certainly fall into a few stereotypical descriptions. They religiously follow another big gorilla (Apple), whose policies are even more tight than that of Microsoft.

I can’t help but smirk at his remarks, thinking about a sarcastic comment I recently had by a Ruby developer. The remark was about jOOQ being legacy due to it being written in Java, not in Ruby… :-) In any case, I won’t go into judging languages or developers. I think, Igor’s opinion is interesting, because I share his thoughts about what he says concerning Java standardising too many things:

Standards – the biggest flop in the Java history was Java Enterprise. This does not require any explanation, I hope. Standards are a plague of Java. They are designed to make different implementations [work] together, but this is not happening. Instead, they take years to “standardize”, when Internet years are even shorter than dog years. There is a handful of low level good standards: JDBC, Servlets, JMS, but the rest is just a waste of time.

Igor has a strong opinion, and maybe neglects too many other good standards, such as XML, RMI, the concurrency packages of Java 5, etc. But the more controversial standards also include EJB, JPA and most specifically the Criteria Query API, for which jOOQ aims to be a viable alternative. It’s surely be worth following Igor’s blog a little more. Read the full post here:


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