When Source Code Comments Indicate Trouble

Developers have their own, cynical kind of humour. Consider, for instance, Geek and Poke's view on how to insult a developer. But there's a better humour than posting stuff on a website. There are source code comments. Because you can giggle now, write your witty remark, and wait for your coworkers to discover your sense … Continue reading When Source Code Comments Indicate Trouble

A Great Counter-Rant

Now, this is a great counter-rant, replying to one of my more popular articles: https://blog.jooq.org/the-golden-rules-of-code-documentation/ The counter-rant is given here: http://javax0.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/to-comment-or-not-to-comment-that-is-the-question The writer went through the trouble of actually implementing my fictional (but not unrealistic) example, which he's publicly displaying on GitHub: https://github.com/verhas/commentOrNotToComment (my fork, if the former was deleted) The code still doesn't communicate … Continue reading A Great Counter-Rant