A Couple of Reasons Why You Should Use PostgreSQL

Here’s a nice article showing a couple of good reasons why you should consider using PostgreSQL in many of your future projects:

From the jOOQ perspective – which is a perspective focussed on SQL feature scope rather than storage and maintenance – Postgres is one of the most outstanding databases out there, and it’s completely free, unless you choose to use professional support from EnterpriseDB, which will still cost you around 20% of what you’d pay for Oracle.

Cut down 90% on RDBMS costs switching from Oracle to EnterpriseDB

Now that’s an interesting story. Most Oracle users and customers will know that Oracle is not one of the most supportive suppliers when you don’t have the money. And by “the money”, I mean lots of money. It is a huge, and feature-rich database after all, but so is Postgres. There is a lot of innovation going on in the Postgres open source database, and it is enriched by EnterpriseDB to become an “enterprise-ready” RDBMS for 10% of the price that Oracle claims.

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