SQL Templating with jOOQ or MyBatis

Many people compare jOOQ with MyBatis. Both are seen as popular alternatives to Java's persistence standard JPA, as both are much more SQL-focused than JPA itself. When comparing the two tools, the first obvious difference is this: jOOQ is an internal domain-specific language modelling SQL through a Java fluent API. MyBatis is an XML-based SQL templating and mapping … Continue reading SQL Templating with jOOQ or MyBatis

jOOQ compared to iBatis

Nice feedback from a jOOQ user comparing it with iBATIS: jOOQ rocks! We implemented a large scale ETL service with it, and couldn't be happier. I've used iBATIS, and jOOQ gives all the same advantages of low level SQL without the reams of XML and lack of type safety. [...] one of the best features … Continue reading jOOQ compared to iBatis