A Guide to SQL Naming Conventions

One of Java's big strengths, in my opinion, is the fact that most naming conventions have been established by the creators of the language. For example: Class names are in PascalCase Member names are in camelCase Constants are in SNAKE_CASE If someone does not adhere to these conventions, the resulting code quickly looks non-idiomatic. What … Continue reading A Guide to SQL Naming Conventions

The dreaded DefaultAbstractHelperImpl

A while ago, we have published this fun game we like to call Spring API Bingo. It is a tribute and flattery to Spring's immense creativeness when forming meaningful class names like FactoryAdvisorAdapterHandlerLoader ContainerPreTranslatorInfoDisposable BeanFactoryDestinationResolver LocalPersistenceManagerFactoryBean Two of the above classes actually exist. Can you spot them? If no, play Spring API Bingo! Clearly, the … Continue reading The dreaded DefaultAbstractHelperImpl