PostgreSQL’s Table-Valued Functions

Table-valued functions are an awesome thing. Many databases support them in one way or another and so does PostgreSQL. In PostgreSQL, (almost) everything is a table. For instance, we can write: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION f_1 (v1 INTEGER, v2 OUT INTEGER) AS $$ BEGIN v2 := v1; END $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql; ... and believe it … Continue reading PostgreSQL’s Table-Valued Functions

jOOQ Newsletter: February 26, 2014

Subscribe to the newsletter here Tweet of the Day Our followers, users and customers are shouting their love for jOOQ to the world. Here are: Ben Hood who is constantly discovering new useful features in jOOQ. Antoine Comte who is skipping MyBatis to jump directly to jOOQ (in French) Both guys are absolutely right, of … Continue reading jOOQ Newsletter: February 26, 2014