What Exactly are SQL Views?

You probably know about "ordinary views" already, but I'm sure you'll find one or two things in this article that you haven't thought about in this way yet... What exactly are SQL views? Views in SQL are a means of treating complex queries in the same way as "ordinary" tables. In fact, SQL is all … Continue reading What Exactly are SQL Views?

jOOQ Newsletter: April 30, 2014

Subscribe to this newsletter here Tweet of the Day Our customers, users, and followers are sharing their love for jOOQ to the world. Here are: Santiago M. Mola who appreciates jOOQ's affinity to SQL features and its correctness https://twitter.com/mola_io/status/456800912917270528 Vlad Mihalcea who's reading the jOOQ docs to learn about SQL https://twitter.com/vlad_mihalcea/status/457055965171687424 Thanks for the shouts, guys! It … Continue reading jOOQ Newsletter: April 30, 2014