Developer blog started for interesting insights in Java, SQL and jOOQ

On this blog, I’d like to share my thoughts about developing in Java and SQL, and my “middleware passion” jOOQ.

Java and databases are my professional passion. When they work together, great software can evolve. Many proprietary and standard ideas have been around to make them work together. I feel that there is yet one missing piece glueing them together more intuitively. That’s why I created jOOQ:

jOOQ effectively combines complex SQL, typesafety, source code generation, active records, stored procedures, advanced data types, and Java in a fluent, intuitive DSL.

2 thoughts on “Developer blog started for interesting insights in Java, SQL and jOOQ

  1. Hi Lukas!

    Nice to see you’ve started blogging. I’m very curious as what your broader, non necessarily jOOQ related ideas are.

    Good Luck!


    1. Hi Thomasz,

      Thanks for the feedback. Most generally, those thoughts are related to jOOQ in a way that I will probably provide support for such functionality in jOOQ, when it’s about SQL. By that, I mean CTE and recursive queries, CUBE and ROLLUP clauses, DBA stuff that might find its way into jOOQ, and also data warehousing functionality of Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres and other RDBMS…

      In short: many nice SQL features that I find are
      – underestimated
      – underused
      – undersupported by common stacks involving JPA

      Also, with jOOQ I’ve had much insight into the 11 officially supported RDBMS and their differences in SQL syntax and behaviour.


      PS: I really think you should put some code samples on your OneWeb SQL page! :-)

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