jOOQ Tutorial by Ikai Lan

A friend of mine recently found a nice tutorial about jOOQ on the web:

This was written by Ikai Lan, a Google App Engine developer. See also my previous blog post about a jOOQ integration example with Google Cloud SQL:

2 thoughts on “jOOQ Tutorial by Ikai Lan

  1. Hello Lukas,

    i’m searching for possibility to use JOOQ with GAE (without Google Cloud SQL), do you know some examples or tutorials for this?


    1. Hi Mark,

      At the time I tried this, things were straight-forward. Just have a local copy of your GAE MySQL database to generate source code, and then use the generated artefacts within your GAE application. I haven’t followed up on GAE’s evolution, though. So unfortunately, I can’t help you any further here…

      Maybe, you could try asking a question on Stack Overflow?


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