Using jOOQ with JAX-RS to Build a Simple License Server

In some use-cases, having a lean, single-tier server-side architecture is desireable. Typically, such architectures expose a RESTful API implementing client code and the UI using something like AngularJS. In Java, the standard API for RESTful applications is JAX-RS, which is part of JEE 7, along with a standard JSON implementation. But you can use JAX-RS … Continue reading Using jOOQ with JAX-RS to Build a Simple License Server

jOOQ Tutorial by Ikai Lan

A friend of mine recently found a nice tutorial about jOOQ on the web: This was written by Ikai Lan, a Google App Engine developer. See also my previous blog post about a jOOQ integration example with Google Cloud SQL:

How to use H2 with jOOQ

Living through the latest developments of the H2 and HSQLDB databases has been very exciting for me as jOOQ developer. Those two databases have a common heritage and share a lot of functionality. Both are progressing at a high pace with a very active community around their respective lead developers. I have recently posted an … Continue reading How to use H2 with jOOQ