Let’s Meet at JAX London and Other Events to Talk About SQL

Exciting times are ahead for Java/SQL developers. SQL is strong and popular as ever. It is the right language for relational databases just as much as for Big Data storage systems. Just this week, Pivotal has announced their open sourcing HAWQ and MADlib as a part of their Hadoop Native SQL strategy.

At Data Geekery, we’re promoting SQL with jOOQ – typesafe, embedded SQL for Java, and now also with our new advanced SQL workshop, which is available publicly and as an in-house event. Check it out here.

In the next couple of months, we’re touring Europe again, and among other places, we’ll be presenting at the JAX London where as an official media partner.

Apart from our own talk, be sure not to miss any of the following exciting talks

And don’t forget:

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We’re looking forward to meeting you in London, or in any other upcoming jOOQ or SQL event

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