It is all about the JDBC Basics

We're very happy to announce a guest post by Marco Behler, who has been blogging about jOOQ in the past. Marco started out in programming (reverse-engineering, actually) and now mainly programmes on the JVM in his day-to-day work. He also always had a sweet tooth for strategy and marketing. Marco Behler GmbH is the result … Continue reading It is all about the JDBC Basics

MyBatis’ Alternative Transaction Management

On the jOOQ user group, we're often being asked how to perform transaction management with jOOQ. And we have an easy answer ready: You don't do that with jOOQ. You choose your favourite transaction management API, be it: JDBC Spring JEE JTA (e.g. as supported by Weblogic) Bitronix TM Hibernate And the above list is far … Continue reading MyBatis’ Alternative Transaction Management