MyBatis’ Alternative Transaction Management

On the jOOQ user group, we're often being asked how to perform transaction management with jOOQ. And we have an easy answer ready: You don't do that with jOOQ. You choose your favourite transaction management API, be it: JDBC Spring JEE JTA (e.g. as supported by Weblogic) Bitronix TM Hibernate And the above list is far … Continue reading MyBatis’ Alternative Transaction Management

J2eeBasedPreAuthenticatedWebAuthenticationDetailsSource… WAT??

WAT? This hilarious talk about the incredible quirks of JavaScript had been going around on Twitter and other media. In case you haven't already, take a look at it here: Speaking of WAT, let's talk about Spring Security. Spring has undertaken great effort to replace the clumsy, verbose parts of J2EE to replace them … Continue reading J2eeBasedPreAuthenticatedWebAuthenticationDetailsSource… WAT??