Don’t Extract Everything Into a Method

Every now and then, I tweet something like this, just to piss off some clean coders: Apart from the obvious trolling factor (why can't I ever resist?), I do think there's something thought provoking in such a tweet. First off, given how rare break and continue statements are in Java code, many people probably … Continue reading Don’t Extract Everything Into a Method

Rare Uses of a “ControlFlowException”

Control flows are a "relict" from imperative programming, which has leaked into various other programming paradigms, including Java's object oriented paradigm. Apart from the useful and ubiquitous branch and loop structures, there are also primitives (e.g. GOTO) and non-locals (e.g. exceptions). Let's have a closer look at these controversial control flow techniques. GOTO goto is … Continue reading Rare Uses of a “ControlFlowException”