Java 8 Friday: Better Exceptions

At Data Geekery, we love Java. And as we're really into jOOQ's fluent API and query DSL, we're absolutely thrilled about what Java 8 will bring to our ecosystem. Java 8 Friday Every Friday, we're showing you a couple of nice new tutorial-style Java 8 features, which take advantage of lambda expressions, extension methods, and … Continue reading Java 8 Friday: Better Exceptions

Rare Uses of a “ControlFlowException”

Control flows are a "relict" from imperative programming, which has leaked into various other programming paradigms, including Java's object oriented paradigm. Apart from the useful and ubiquitous branch and loop structures, there are also primitives (e.g. GOTO) and non-locals (e.g. exceptions). Let's have a closer look at these controversial control flow techniques. GOTO goto is … Continue reading Rare Uses of a “ControlFlowException”

Throw checked exceptions like runtime exceptions in Java

How to throw a checked exception without catch block or throws clause in Java? Simple! public class Test { // No throws clause here public static void main(String[] args) { doThrow(new SQLException()); } static void doThrow(Exception e) { Test.<RuntimeException> doThrow0(e); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") static <E extends Exception> void doThrow0(Exception e) throws E { throw (E) e; … Continue reading Throw checked exceptions like runtime exceptions in Java