Java 8 Friday: Java 8 Will Revolutionize Database Access

At Data Geekery, we love Java. And as we're really into jOOQ's fluent API and query DSL, we're absolutely thrilled about what Java 8 will bring to our ecosystem. For our Java 8 series, we're honoured to host a very relevant guest post by Dr. Ming-Yee Iu. Dr. Ming-Yee Iu completed a PhD on Database … Continue reading Java 8 Friday: Java 8 Will Revolutionize Database Access

jOOQ’s Reason for Being

The below paragraphs were taken from the jOOQ preface from the manual. It is worth thinking about why you should (or should not) use jOOQ in a given project. Specifically, you might be choosing between jOOQ and JPA, jOOQ and Hibernate, or jOOQ and SLICK (in a Scala context). here's some guidance (slightly biased towards … Continue reading jOOQ’s Reason for Being

Database Abstraction and SQL Injection

I have subscribed to various user groups of jOOQ's competing database abstraction tools. One of which is ActiveJDBC, a Java implementation of Active Record design pattern. Its maintainer Igor Polevoy recently claimed that: SQL injection is a web application problem, and not directly related to an ORM. ActiveJDBC will process any SQL that is passed to it. … Continue reading Database Abstraction and SQL Injection

MyBatis’ Wicked Statement Builders

Now here's one of the most wicked API's I've seen in a while! MyBatis is well-known as a database abstraction framework on top of JDBC, allowing for externalising SQL into files, loading them at appropriate places in your Java code. For those of you who like this approach, you may be used to statements similar … Continue reading MyBatis’ Wicked Statement Builders

jDBI: A simple convenience layer on top of JDBC

I'm always looking out for similar tools like jOOQ, or at least tools that work in the same domain - the domain of database access abstraction. jDBI looks lovely. It provides simple solutions for what JDBC is lacking in general. Here are a couple of features (taken from the intro): Fluent API JDBC is quite … Continue reading jDBI: A simple convenience layer on top of JDBC