Vaadin, a very nice web framework

The recent hype about the Play ! Framework seemed to have lead to a lot of people thinking “That’s it! That’s how it ought to be”. And after trying to reproduce the Play ! tutuorial, I immediately agreed. Web development should be as easy as in Play !

But Play ! is just simplifying the daily work with a request-response, HTML-based website. There are other frameworks out there, that aim to simplify the work with stateful, component-based thinking, which is often the case with web applications. So I stumbled upon this gem here, doing precisely that:

Vaadin builds upon the GWT (Google Web Toolkit), which is a solid base for web frameworks. It has a free, open-source version, as well as a “pro version”, which gives you access to better support. In both cases, users can take advantage of a nice set of add-ons, and the community seems to be non-negligible:

Maybe another candidate for a jOOQ-web integration?