Will Another Play-Style Framework Make its Way to Java?

I’ve just discovered the Ninja Web Framework. This one isn’t “yet another framework”, it’s actually heavily based on the very popular Play Framework ideas. It seems to provide a substitute for the latter, since Zenexity and Typesafe have formed an alliance to further support Play primarily in the Scala ecosystem. Some people may feel that this makes the Play+Java combination a second-class citizen. The Ninja Web Framework is maintained by a Berlin-based company called FinalFrontierLabs, who were great fans of Play when they were using it in Java. You have to love their company profile:

Picture Copyright (c) 2013 by FinalFrontierLabs

As some people seem to have regretted Play’s focus on Scala, this framework is certainly one to keep an eye out for in the near future!

Vaadin, a very nice web framework

The recent hype about the Play ! Framework seemed to have lead to a lot of people thinking “That’s it! That’s how it ought to be”. And after trying to reproduce the Play ! tutuorial, I immediately agreed. Web development should be as easy as in Play !

But Play ! is just simplifying the daily work with a request-response, HTML-based website. There are other frameworks out there, that aim to simplify the work with stateful, component-based thinking, which is often the case with web applications. So I stumbled upon this gem here, doing precisely that:


Vaadin builds upon the GWT (Google Web Toolkit), which is a solid base for web frameworks. It has a free, open-source version, as well as a “pro version”, which gives you access to better support. In both cases, users can take advantage of a nice set of add-ons, and the community seems to be non-negligible:


Maybe another candidate for a jOOQ-web integration?