J2eeBasedPreAuthenticatedWebAuthenticationDetailsSource… WAT??

WAT? This hilarious talk about the incredible quirks of JavaScript had been going around on Twitter and other media. In case you haven't already, take a look at it here: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat Speaking of WAT, let's talk about Spring Security. Spring has undertaken great effort to replace the clumsy, verbose parts of J2EE to replace them … Continue reading J2eeBasedPreAuthenticatedWebAuthenticationDetailsSource… WAT??

jOOQ makes a step forward towards JPA

With the upcoming release 1.6.4 and the implementation of #198, jOOQ will start to better integrate in "standard" J2EE architecture. While jOOQ is being developed as an alternative to JPA, it should not compete with it. This means that there are some parts in JPA which can easily co-exist with jOOQ in a J2EE application: … Continue reading jOOQ makes a step forward towards JPA