Nested Transactions in jOOQ

Since jOOQ 3.4, we have an API that simplifies transactional logic on top of JDBC in jOOQ, and starting from jOOQ 3.17 and #13502, an equivalent API will also be made available on top of R2DBC, for reactive applications. As with everything jOOQ, transactions are implemented using explicit, API based logic. The implicit logic implemented … Continue reading Nested Transactions in jOOQ

jOOQ 3.16 and Java EE vs Jakarta EE

A tidal wave is rippling through the Java ecosystem. It is the renaming of javax to jakarta package names. Now, while we've all been whining and complaining and shaking our heads due the clash between corporate legal and engineering interests, eventually it's time to move on and learn what this means specifically, for jOOQ. jOOQ … Continue reading jOOQ 3.16 and Java EE vs Jakarta EE