A nice way of using jOOQ with Spring

This blog post is outdated. For a more up-to-date example of how to integrate jOOQ with Spring, please consider the relevant sections of the jOOQ manual! A nice way of using jOOQ with Spring was recently discussed on Stack Overflow by Adam Gent: http://adamgent.com/post/31128631472/getting-jooq-to-work-with-spring-correctly The essence of it was given here in this gist: package … Continue reading A nice way of using jOOQ with Spring

The Ollin Framework

I have recently discovered a simple Java database framework called "Ollin". It can be found when searching jdbc fluent api on Google. It has a couple of transaction handling and ORM features, the way many other frameworks do this. But one specific functionality I found particularly interesting: ValuedRowVisitor<Integer> rowCounter = dbSession.createQuery("select * from app.employee") .forEachRow(new … Continue reading The Ollin Framework