MentaBean, the ORM/SQL Builder of Mentawai

I ran across an incredible discovery just now. I’m always closely observing jOOQ-related topics on Stack Overflow, so I immediately saw these somewhat advertising answers to a dedicated jOOQ user’s question:

MentaBean is an ORM/SQL Builder that has recently been made independent from Mentawai, a library building on top of the Servlet specification to simplify the lives of thousands of brazilian developers (counting the number of messages in the forum).

I’ve had a Stack Overflow chat with Sergio Oliveira Jr., one of the developers behind MentaBean, as I always find it interesting to chat with other people suffering from the heaviness and complexity of the Hibernate/JPA stack. His maxim is remarkable, if I may quote him quoting St. Exupéry: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” This is a very poetic way of saying the same thing in eXtreme Programming lingo: Refactor Mercilessly. With this being your primary paradigm, I believe great, fun software can evolve. No need to say that I started to like Sergio :-)

While it doesn’t look at first as though Mentawai (and its associated MentaBean) will outperform the currently hyped Play ! Framework, or the well-established Wicket library, I still find it nice to see how much effort is put in OSS, worldwide.

See the Mentawai homepage for more details: