The Jodd SQL Generator

On the jOOQ blog, we never grow tired of comparing ourselves with other free or commercial SQL builders. One of the most interesting ones that we've seen in the past was the MyBatis SQL Statement Builder. The funny thing about some of these approaches is the fact that "typesafety" is understood in terms of merely … Continue reading The Jodd SQL Generator

Using jOOQ With Groovy

Some people may be using jOOQ with Groovy for easy scripting. As with the existing jOOQ / Scala integration, some Groovy language features can be leveraged. Take the following example, for instance: package org.jooq.groovy import static org.jooq.impl.DSL.* import static org.jooq.groovy.example.h2.Tables.* import groovy.sql.Sql import org.jooq.* import org.jooq.impl.DSL sql = Sql.newInstance( 'jdbc:h2:~/scala-test', 'sa', '', 'org.h2.Driver') a = … Continue reading Using jOOQ With Groovy

MentaBean, the ORM/SQL Builder of Mentawai

I ran across an incredible discovery just now. I'm always closely observing jOOQ-related topics on Stack Overflow, so I immediately saw these somewhat advertising answers to a dedicated jOOQ user's question: MentaBean is an ORM/SQL Builder that has recently been made independent from Mentawai, a library building on top of the Servlet specification … Continue reading MentaBean, the ORM/SQL Builder of Mentawai