A History of Databases in “No-tation”

We're heading towards very exciting times in the field of databases! At Topconf in beautiful Tallin, Estonia, Nikita Ivanov (founder and CEO of GridGain Systems) was talking about how the ever crumbling price of DRAM gets in-memory computing and thus in-memory databases within the reach of being affordable by even small and medium enterprises. Nikita … Continue reading A History of Databases in “No-tation”

jOOQ Newsletter October 28, 2013

subscribe to the newsletter here jOOQ 3.2 Licensing Update Three weeks ago, we have announced and released jOOQ 3.2 under the terms of a new dual-licensing model offering jOOQ's support for commercial databases under a commercial jOOQ license. The jOOQ community has reacted intensively on the user group, most of the feedback having been very positive. The licensing … Continue reading jOOQ Newsletter October 28, 2013