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So far, I have escaped jOOQ user rants and insults. Maybe it’s because jOOQ is still quite a niche product. Maybe it’s because jOOQ has almost no bugs ;-) The only real rant I’ve seen so far is this one by a contributor to JDO, JPA, EJB 3.0:

An extract:

How should we react when reading posts like this in 2010?
It’s like being back 15 years earlier.
How is that possible to write so many irrelevant statements in a single post?

The so-called “pragmatic” approach has given birth to so many useless frameworks like this one.

The good news is there is still a need for a comprehensive data manipulation solution.

Apparently, jOOQ stirs emotions in some people ;-)

Anyway, there’s critique, there are rants and then, there are plain insults. I’ve recently stumbled across this hilarious thread here:

Quite nice :-) What’s your favourite rant by an open source user?

2 thoughts on “Open source user rants

  1. That’s a beautiful badge of honour you’ve earned with this critique.

    Beware, the guy probably gave your name to the Oracle Java Thought Police, they’re going to send you to an EJB3 re-education camp.

    Keep up the great work!

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